badassBox 4 Bosch

From today we also offer our badassBox 4 for Bosch engines.

At a price of 149,- EUR + shipping costs, the badassBox 4 has some significant improvements to offer. Besides using an AAA battery instead of the Lithium CR2 from our previous models, the overall width has also been significantly reduced (from 20.5mm to 14.5mm - just under 30%). No adapters are needed anymore!

The badassBox 4 uses our patented FEET (Field Enhancement and Elimination Technology) which, despite the lower energy content of the AAA battery compared to the CR2 cell, allows an even longer operating time (now 7000km). The patented snap lock not only eliminates the O-ring but also enables even faster and easier assembly and disassembly of the badassBox with only one hand.

After the badassBox 4 for Shimano, Yamaha and Panasonic, this engine now also benefits from the new technologies with the Bosch version. The forthcoming variants for Kalkhoff-Impulse & EVO, Brose, Pendix, Conti and Fazua complete the badassBox 4 series.

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Antituning on the wrong track

If one observes the development of the last years in the eBike market, then one can determine a clear tendency: More and more gimmicks are being used as arguments for ever higher prices. The customer has at most a disproportionate added value. He's all about fun and for some people speed is part of the fun. With the planned anti-tuning measures this fun on the part of the manufacturers is to be prevented.

The arguments of the industry seem very constructed to us, since a tuned eBike does nothing that a well-trained rider can't do without an engine. So why do they make such a fuss? Well, the question could easily be answered if one looked at the obvious consequences and their profiteers. S-Pedelecs are more expensive and insured.

It is obvious that the e-market is facing a new regulation. This has nothing to do with tuning, but with the fact that it has become a mass market and new eMobiles are coming onto the market at ever shorter intervals, from ePedal-Scooter to eSkateboard to eScooter, to name but a few examples. The sheer number alone creates a possible need for action. We described in the previous entry how to do this for sportive eBikes. Other options seem to serve only the desire of the industry and not that of the customer.

A proposal for the legalization of eBike Tuning

 Our official badassGirl Chiara

Our official badassGirl Chiara

First of all, you have to realize that our customers want to tune. They want to go faster. They want to decide for themselves when and how to use their eBike. Otherwise we wouldn't exist.

eBike manufacturers fear that an increase in tuned eBikes will have negative consequences for their industry. We do not know the exact motives, we suspect that the bicycle industry does not want to endanger its historically founded special position in road traffic or for recreation in nature, and therefore - quasi in anticipatory obedience - seeks to join forces with legislation.

The legislator has actually little reason for a new regulation, especially with regard to the manifold, complicated and costly consequences. Even a takeover of the American system (usually a 20 mile/ 32km/h restriction, higher continuous power) would not solve the problem and would hardly produce less effort.

A pragmatic solution could be to extend the law by means of a legislative process, in a sub-paragraph, with a kind of special permission for tuned eBikes. The following criteria would then have to be met: Use only outside built-up areas and only on unpaved roads. Furthermore, an insurance which we would like to sell with every badassBox - after all, this device is the one that creates the situation first - and is linked to the serial number of the badassBox. With the badassBox tuning measure removed, the pedelec must be completely legal for use on the road again and must be clearly recognisable as tuned when the badassBox is fitted.

In this picture, everyone involved would benefit, why should that not be possible? Please like us on Facebook if you think we should submit a petition for it.

badassBox 4 now also for Yamaha!

For Eurobike 2018 we will introduce badassBox 4 for Yamaha with an introductory price of EUR 139,- + shipping costs! The offer is valid for week 28, Decisive is the date of purchase. After that we set our badassBox 4 to 149,- EUR + shipping costs.

badassBox 4 has some significant improvements. Besides the use of an AAA battery instead of the Lithium CR2 from our previous types, the overall width has also been significantly reduced (from 20.5mm to 14.5mm - just under 30%). badassBox 4 uses our patented FEET (Field Enhancement and Elimination Technology) which, despite the lower energy content of the AAA battery compared to the CR2 cell, allows an even longer operating time (now 7000km). The patented snap lock not only eliminates the O-ring but also enables even faster and easier assembly and disassembly of the badassBox with only one hand.

badassBox 4 is manufactured in the laser sintering process from high-quality PA11 Black, which makes a matt, almost velvety, surface in very dark black anthracite possible. This with extreme impact strength and very high elongation at break. The elongation at break for injection moulded ABS parts is approx. 5% for PA11 at 45%! PA11 is obtained from castor oil and passes the cytotoxicity test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5.

badassBox 4, like all our products, is completely manufactured in Germany. With an even better potting compound we increase the structural strength of the badassBox while the electronics are still completely insensitive to moisture. Double quality control of all our devices, availability of spare parts even for older versions as well as our well-known good service are a guarantee for a long and satisfied use of our badassBox on your eBike.

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badass kicks ass with it´s new FEET (Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology)

These two small, inconspicuous magnets in the spoke-facing head of the badassBox have a significant effect. They build up a weak magnetic field above the sensor, so that the amount of energy required to switch the sensor is significantly reduced. The polarity of the spoke magnet is important for this, which is why we supply a spoke magnet for most motor systems. This makes it possible to achieve a higher mileage of the badassBox with an AAA battery instead of the previous Lithium CR2. This despite the fact that lithium cells have up to five times more energy! By using the narrower battery, the width of the badassBox decreases, so that our new badassBox 4 only builds up a few millimeters on the sensor.

badass FEET is currently offered for our badassBox 4 for Panasonic and Shimano. When the last tests have been completed, the badassBox 4 will also be available for other engine systems. We ask for your indulgence if we do not want to give a fixed release date at the moment.


 Pressing device for in-house assembly of the magnets in the housings

Pressing device for in-house assembly of the magnets in the housings

eBike Tuning, the relevant differences between temporary and permanent tuning

 ...on private property.

...on private property.

The term eBike Tuning, currently concentrates on components that move the 25km/h restriction of pedelecs upwards. This is prohibited by law. We distinguish two fundamentally different classes of tuning: firstly permanent tuning measures and secondly temporary tuning measures. They can be recognized by the time required for installation or removal of the measure.

Permanent tuning measures are those that remain on the eBike or can only be removed with effort or even tools. This includes software solutions as well as cable kits. With these solutions, it is usually still possible to switch the measure on or off. This possibility is irrelevant for the legal offence, since the modification on the eBike is permanent and verifiable. Whether software, cable kit or unplugged dongle are detected makes no difference. The permanent modification even implies a deliberate intention to deceive.

When it comes to temporary tuning measures, our badassBox should be mentioned above all. As the first manufacturer of this kind of tuning we decided very early and consciously to offer only one solution. A solution that clarifies a discussion about the existence of a tuning from the outset. If the badassBox is mounted, the eBike was operated without speed lock. If the badassBox is not mounted, the eBike is in its original condition.

The advantage of the badassBox is also its disadvantage. Because you transmit an incorrect speed to the speed sensor of the motor system without contact, so to speak from the outside - the speed is also displayed incorrectly. The values derived from this speed, such as range and total kilometres, are distorted. However, we find that this fact is a small price to pay for the benefits of the badassBox. Most people already have a GPS device in their pocket. Other solutions involve technical risks (e.g. damage during installation on cables, mechanics or electronics). Above all, however, it should be emphasised that the user with the badassBox has the choice of where to use his eBike the way he chooses.

If you would like to try out the badassBox, please follow the link to our website below. We offer a 3 month money back guarantee, if the measure does not suit you, send us the badassBox with a copy of the invoice, also used, and get your money back. No questions asked, no risk to take.

The badassBell from swisstrailbell, of Swiss production

Little is more unpleasant than driving onto pedestrians or hikers from behind. One does not want to frighten anyone and both ringing and shouting or whistling is unpleasantly frightening to the foot people. Consideration is important and so a solution was needed for this situation!

We found something ideal here: A sheep belly from Switzerland that can be easily and securely attached to the handlebars with Velcro. Here someone has thought along and made sure that nothing is scratched thereby also. A magnet sewn into the fabric tape can be detached from its fastening position with one hand and easily cut under the little bell so that the bobbin is secured and switched off. Even after the hardest pothole, nothing can still be heard. When the magnet is reattached to its mounting position, a clear ringing can be heard at each vibration. It reminds of an Alpine cattle drive with a slightly higher ring tone.

Of course, we tested the product extensively and found the reactions from pedestrians extremely positive. Apparently the sound is also perceived very well by older people and by the constant ringing during the start-up the participants can estimate very well how fast the eMTB is approaching. A friendly hello at moderate speed is then also gladly answered. Top!

Now, of course, we are not a bell manufacturer. When we read about the social commitment of the manufacturer, this product clearly belonged to us in our shop. It is the ideal addition for any considerate rider and connoisseurs will immediately understand with the printed badass eBikes logo that there is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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About physics and real speed

If you have always wondered how fast you can really ride with eBike Tuning, you are invited to try our speed performance calculator on

General answers are not possible, because the achievable speed depends on some variables. Physics can provide a relatively rough estimate of the interrelationships. Our online calculator, adapted by, clearly shows the achievable speed depending on the power input or vice versa the necessary power for a certain target speed. The power is assumed to be the power of the overall system, i.e. eBike plus driver.

Anyone who has ever done an exercise ECG may know how hard it is to kick 400W. The 650W reached with it are not even enough for 45km/h.